The founding principle of the Canadian Poker League was to provide players the opportunity to LEARN, PLAY and IMPROVE their understanding of the mechanics of the game of tournament poker.

Over the years, we have developed a program that provides members the opportunity to learn some of the more intricate aspects of the game, and how to apply them at the tournament table.  The program is now available to all Canadian tournament poker players for FREE.

The course materials are delivered online, in a 4-Step approach.  Click the links below to get started

  1. Video Tutorial - Shuffling Sequence - Compliments of
  2. Module A - Mechanics of the Deal
  3. Module B - Common Situations
  4. Certification Examination  - Register below

Once you have completed Steps 1-3, you are welcome to write the national certification examination; which is an open-book, online test.  Should you earn a grade of 80% or better on the exam, you will be recognized as a nationally Certified Tournament Poker Dealer by the Canadian Poker League. 

The cost for writing the Dealer Certification Exam has been waived; it is FREE to write.  Complete the registration form and you will be sent the code required to register to write the examination.

Dealer Certification Exam Registration Form:

Why we created the National Tournament Dealer Certification Course...

When the Canadian Poker League was first established, we adopted the motto "Learn. Play. Improve!"  

With this in mind, we felt that the best way to help players to play according to the adopted rules, that we first needed to develop a pool of really good Dealers.

The current course program was developed over a period of six years and is unique in Canada and the world.

We also wanted a course that would allow players - even those with no ambition to deal - the opportunity to learn more about the mechanics of tournament poker.