Tournament Directors:  Submit the results from your live or online Home Games with 24 hours of completion of the tournament.  Click here.

Canadian Poker League members that finish in the Top 50 at the end of the current series will be qualified to play the CPILC Freeroll Tournament on Sunday, April 30, 2017 where the winner will earn a ticket entry to the Canadian Poker Inter-League Championship (CPILC).

The CPILC ticket entry is valued at $300, and this event is scheduled for Sunday,May 14, 2017 at 888poker.  Members that win multiple tickets will have the right to sell, gift, or otherwise transfer the entry ticket to any other card-carrying member of the Canadian Poker League.  The CPILC is the culminating event of the series, and the Canadian Poker League and 888poker will be awarding one (1) travel package to Las Vegas for every ten (10) entries into the CPILC.

CPL members earn points for the National Series Leaderboard when they finish a local live tournament at the Final Table:

  • Tournament winner = 15 Points 
  • 2nd place = 10 Points 
  • 3rd place = 8 Points 
  • 4th place = 6 Points
  • 5th place = 5 Points
  • 6th place = 4 Points
  • 7th place = 3 Points
  • 8th place = 2 Points
  • 9th place = 1 Point

Members can also earn points when they finish in the Top 3 of a Local Online Home Game or the National Online Home Game, hosted at 888poker:

  • Online Home Game winner = 5 Points
  • 2nd place = 3 Points
  • 3rd place = 1 Point

Results coming soon!